Thoracic Service Line


Not all offerings are available in all market. For availability specific to your country please contact your local Bayer representative.

Contraindications: HealthPNX+ device and HealthCXR device should not be used to analyze scans of patients under 18 years old, scans which are not AP or PA chest x-ray, scans with severe missing image artifacts, scans missing parts of the chest cavity or scans that are unnaturally monochrome in nature (too black or too white). Non-standard scans may skew analysis results, and if such scans are sent to the HealthPNX+device or HealthCXR device, physicians should disregard results from the scans. No other contraindications are described.

  1. Instructions for Use HealthPNX+ V2.0: Pneumothorax Triage Device, software version 2.0
  2. Instructions for Use HealthCXR Triage Device, software version 1.0
  3. Instructions for Use ClearRead CT, software version 3.6.0 - 5.5.0
  4. Instructions for Use icolung ct, software version 0.7.2