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Neuro Service Line

Explore AI apps curated for multiple Neurological pathologies/ condition on Calantic platform, featuring Ischemic Stroke and Neurodegenerative disease.


    Not all offerings are available in all markets. For availability specific to your country please contact your local Bayer representative.

    • CINA and CINA-ASPECTS have CE marking and risk class I.
    • icobrain ct has CE marking (CE1639) and risk class Im.
    • icobrain mr has CE marking (CE1639) and risk class Im.
    • IB Clinic has CE marking and risk class I.
    • mdbrain has CE marking (CE0123) and risk class llb.
      1. Instructions for Use CINA, software version 1.0
      2. Instructions for Use CINA-ASPECTS, software version 1.4
      3. Instructions for Use icobrain ct, software version 6.1
      4. Instructions for Use icobrain mr, software version 5.8
      5. Instructions for Use IB Clinic, software version 2.0
      6. Instructions for Use mdbrain, software version 4.6
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