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icolung ct

  • CT
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icolung ct supports automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable lung structures from non-contrast enhanced chest CT. It also measures the percentage of abnormality (Ground Glass Opacity, Consolidation and their total sum) in each lobe and in total lungs.


Images shown for illustrative purposes only.


~29% and ~21% improved nodules detection

Riverain's AI suppression technology removes structures that can camouflage cancer and lung disease. 1,2


~26% and ~20% faster nodule search time

ClearRead CT technology helps radiologists see through the complexity to better detect abnormalities.1,2


Higher inter-reader agreement rates2

Clinical Workflow

Icolung workflow

For CalanticTM software version 1.0.0, no prior study will be examined.

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    Appropriate Series

    Non-contrast chest CT

    Kilovoltage peak (kVp): 80-140

    Recommended slice thickness: 1mm

    Maximum slice thickness: 5mm

    Maximum Pixel spacing: 1mm

    The percentage affected lung tissue with different types of abnormalities: Ground GlassOpacity (GGO) and Consolidation (CO), (including their sum) in five lobes of the lungs (left upper, left lower, right upper, right middle, right lower) and total lungs and a severity score based on the percentage (each lobe receives a score between 0 and 5).


      EU risk class and CE marking
      Icolung ct has CE marking (CE1639) and risk class Im.

      Reimbursement status
      Not reimbursed.

      No contraindications given.

      Patient Target Group
      Patients with potential lung disease.


      Artifacts and anatomical deviations: Please make sure the images are free of artifacts, as these might have a negative impact on the results of fully automatic measurements. Even without artifacts or extensive deviations in anatomy, automatic measurements are subject to errors, intrinsically associated with the measurement device. The technical validation of the measurements attempts to provide an idea of the extent of these errors.

        Instructions for Use icolung ct, software version 0.7.2
        App gallery wave image
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