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Your Gateway to a Unified
Radiology Experience

Smoothly Access AI Apps and Tailored Service Lines in a Single Interface

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Key Features that Set Calantic Apart

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Workflow & PACS integrated IT architecture that may enable deployment of multiple AI algorithms

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Singular interface to interact with all your AI algorithms

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Clinical Service lines that bundle individual AI algorithms for specific body regions

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Detailed review of legal, medical and regulatory requirements

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Calantic Cloud platform securely processes the studies and scales according to your healthcare organization's needs


Calantic for Radiologists

Are you a radiologist seeking to enhance your diagnostic capabilities and provide the best care for your patients? Through Calantic, we support you to:

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Enable Optimized Workflow

Calantic could integrate smoothly into your existing workflow. Automate your routine radiology tasks and reduce administrative burdens.

Prioritize Your Cases with Worklist Optimization1

By flagging suspected findings, our triage applications enable prioritised reading so you can focus on time critical cases.

Access Multiple AI Apps in One Interface

With Calantic Viewer, access multiple AI apps in one infrastructure. One view – integrated into your PACS or RIS – for your AI apps.


Calantic for Healthcare Administrators

As a healthcare administrator, your goal is to ensure exceptional patient care while optimizing operational efficiency. Through Calantic, we support you to:

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Simplify Your AI Journey with Streamlined Licensing

With Calantic Digital Solutions, one master license covers the Calantic platform with all AI apps you select. The license is simply amended when additional apps are installed. Similarly, you’ll get one invoice covering the Calantic platform plus all AI apps in use. And, you only pay for what you use, with the flexibility to add, remove, or expand usage of the AI apps that best fit your radiology practice.

Streamline Operations and Scalable AI Deployments with Calantic

Calantic’s platform approach enables you to streamline your installation processes – manage your AI apps from one platform. You can deploy new apps from one single infrastructure and scale according to your organization’s needs.

Gain Insights through AI Performance Feedback

Our specialized Clinical service team supports you in evaluating the efficiency and performance of available AI apps based on your existing patient pseudonymized data – enabling you to make timely data-driven decisions.


Calantic for IT Departments

For IT departments, managing and integrating medical imaging solutions efficiently is crucial. By choosing Calantic, you can:

Calantic Viewer in PACS Viewport

Smoothly Integrate Calantic into Your HIT Systems

CalanticTM Digital Solutions smoothly integrates into existing Health Information Technology (HIT) systems, such as PACS and RIS, reducing implementation complexities. Calantic provides a defined path to help you select the right AI apps, including tangible milestones that will let you know when you are moving to the next phase of the implementation journey.

Simplify AI Deployment with Centralized Management

Deploy your AI apps under one platform – meaning contracts, installations, adding new apps, and more, it’s all done through one centralized Bayer Support Team.


You’ll also receive reliable support along your AI journey. Your Calantic subscription agreement includes ongoing support from Bayer experts for a variety of app usage and technical assistance questions.


Enable Robust Cybersecurity with Calantic

Through secure cloud infrastructure, detailed security assessments, ongoing monitoring, strong encryption, and efficient incident reporting mechanisms to protect patient data.


Calantic for Data Protection Teams

When it comes to protecting patient data and addressing compliance with privacy regulations, Calantic is your trusted partner. To help Calantic customers evaluate risk, Bayer cyber risk management practices across five core areas.

Calantic chart

Facilitate Data Privacy Compliance with Calantic

Calantic is designed to protect data in accordance with local data privacy guidelines. We pseudonymise data before transferring it for AI processing on the cloud, ensuring secure transmission. Personal information is reassigned once imaging data returns on-premise, safeguarding patient privacy.

Simplify Compliance with Data Protection Agreements

Streamline legal processes and address data security based on local industry standards, with ongoing monitoring for new regulatory changes. Covering all installed AI solutions, it reduces complexities and simplifies compliance.

Safeguard Data with Secure Transfer Protocols

Our robust security controls are designed to protect PHI from unauthorised access and use. With Calantic, your data remains encrypted throughout its journey.


Avicenna CINA-ICH (2020) 510k document K200855, p. 3
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Request a demo and discover how to

  • Centralize your AI apps on one platform
  • Deploy service lines tailored to specific body regions
  • Integrate Calantic into your existing PACS and RIS
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1.  Avicenna CINA-ICH (2020) 510k document K200855, p. 3

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Request a demo and discover how to

  • Centralize your AI apps on one platform
  • Deploy service lines tailored to specific body regions
  • Integrate Calantic into your existing HIT Systems
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Embedding AI Solutions Into Your Workplace
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Embedding AI Solutions Into Your Workplace

By addressing the typical issues for AI applications in radiology, Calantic integrates into your existing workflow regardless of your hospital IT infrastructure. Giving you more freedom to focus on what matters most.

Embedding AI Solutions Into Your Workplace

Applications for Most Important Use Cases

All applications will be grouped into one of four categories – each designed to help radiology practices streamline a specific area of their workflow and reduce the day-to-day pressure of a demanding workload.

Current Service Lines

The offering starts with service lines that cover AI algorithms from the field of Thoracic x-ray and CT imaging and Neurological MRI and CT. Breast and Prostate Service Lines are subject to Calantic Viewer integration.




Apps Available


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Apps Available


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Apps Available


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Apps Available

See How It Works

The cloud-hosted Calantic Platform and Marketplace gives radiologists scalable access to tools and AI applications to support workflow prioritization, detection and quantification- with intuitive functionality, tailored to specific disease area. The applications on Calantic Marketplace can be categorized based on the most important use cases defined by radiologists.

In this video you can see a few cases where these applications can be applied via the Calantic Platform and Viewer in a general radiologist's typical practice in the US.

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The product CalanticTM Viewer complies with medical device legislation and has CE marking (CE2797). This disclaimer supersedes any previous pending CE mark statement found in this video.

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