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Bayer Digital Solutions in Radiology

As a true pharmaceutical and life sciences company, Bayer expertise extends from diagnosis to care.

A Holistic Perspective

Bayer's expertise exceeds a technological perspective to incorporate a deeper medical understanding across a number of indications including cardiovascular, oncology, neurology, and women's healthcare. This gives us close ties with clinical specialists in a wide range of specialities.

A holistic perspective

Pioneers in Radiology

Heritage in radiology

Spanning approximately 100 years


Comprehensive offering enhancing medical imaging

Contrast media, Enterprise solutions (software), Injection & Infusion systems, Service


Strengthening diagnostic confidence

In more than 140 countries

Bayer at a Glance

Fully Equipped to Deliver

With a unique heritage in pharma, radiology and technology, Bayer is equipped to deliver AI and digital radiology solutions that provide insight and efficiency gains.


A life sciences and pharmaceutical company - with deep medical understanding, clinical expertise, and patient focus.


A radiology leader with an extensive clinical network and experience in partnering with radiology suites and delivering market-leading solutions.


Clinical and medical expertise and an understanding of radiology IT landscapes. 27% (est.) of all US CT scans use the Bayer Radimetrics® platform for dose management.1

Pioneers in radiology

Pioneers in Radiology

Bayer has been a pioneer in radiology for over 100 years. Today Bayer in Radiology is a world-leading diagnostic imaging solutions provider – strengthening diagnostic confidence in more than 140 countries. Our continually evolving portfolio includes medical devices; contrast media; and integrated dose-management software, services and digital solutions to meet the challenging needs of today's and tomorrow’s radiology environment.

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1 Internal data, Bayer Healthcare LLC, July 2021