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Help Shape the Future of Radiology.

Join our AI
Visionary program.

Ever-increasing pressure is creating significant challenges for radiologists and hospitals, which also affects patient care. The industry needs a solution, and AI could be the answer.

Join the Bayer AI Visionary program and help solve the radiology challenge.

We’re looking for a small number of practices to participate and receive:

Early access to AI apps through a discounted, flexible subscription to Calantic™ Digital Solutions platform

Post-implementation support, including your own Customer Success Manager

Opportunities to shape the future of Calantic and advance the adoption of AI in radiology

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Only a few spots left. Request all the details today.


"As a busy diagnostic and vascular/interventional radiologist, the Calantic application has been a great addition to my daily workflow. By having an organized hub which is deployable directly from my PACS system, I am able to integrate many diverse clinical artificial intelligence applications with my daily study list allowing for enhanced detection of various conditions without sacrificing efficiency. Additionally, the clinical summaries and outputs from the Calantic system are readily available within PACS so that I can easily discuss findings and highlight pertinent images to clinicians outside of the field of radiology thereby enhancing communication, understanding, and patient outcomes."

Dr. Michael Ferra, MD

Director of Quality and Process Improvement, Einstein Medical Center

Dr. Ferra is a paid consultant for Bayer

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