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What Is
CalanticTM Digital Solutions?

Calantic is a cloud-hosted platform that provides access to AI applications to help you do what you do – even better.

Empowering You With AI

Calantic supports you by automating time-consuming tasks, accelerating workflows, and enabling improved detection.

Calantic is a user friendly platform that provides access to selected packages of orchestrated applications, authorized for clinical use and enabling you and your team to build your toolbox of imaging applications smoothly integrated into your workflow.

The People Behind Calantic
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Reduced misses


Removes manual tasks

Manual Tasks

The Difference Calantic Makes

Calantic is developed to support every stage of your workflow. It smoothly integrates into your existing systems, regardless of your IT architecture. Discover how Calantic Digital Solutions enables scalable AI deployments, while also minimizing the necessity to expand hardware on site.

Working with Calantic minimizes the need to support different imaging applications, potentially saving you time and optimizing the use of existing resources.

The Difference CalanticTM Digital Solutions Makes

Disease Management With Bayer

Calantic is developed by Bayer, making it capable of tackling radiology challenges from a disease management perspective throughout the patient's journey – by offering packages orchestrated for specific body regions.









Feature and clinical application availability will vary by market or by configuration in the same market; contact your authorized Bayer representative for more information.

Embedding AI Solutions Into Your Workplace
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Embedding AI Solutions Into Your Workplace

By addressing the typical issues for AI applications in radiology, Calantic integrates into your existing workflow regardless of your hospital IT infrastructure. Giving you more freedom to focus on what matters most.

Embedding AI Solutions Into Your Workplace

Applications for most Important Use Cases

All applications will be grouped into one of four categories – each designed to help radiology practices streamline a specific area of their workflow and reduce the day-to-day pressure of a demanding workload.


1Based on Riverain ClearRead CT application available on CalanticTM Digital Solutions. Lo, S. B., Freedman, M. T., Gillis, L. B., White, C. S., & Mun, S. K. (2018). JOURNAL CLUB: computer-aided detection of lung nodules on CT with a computerized pulmonary vessel suppressed function. American Journal of Roentgenology, 210(3), 480-488.

Current Packages

The offering starts with service line packages that cover AI algorithms from the field of Thoracic x-ray and CT imaging and Neurological MRI and CT.


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Applications Available in Australia

See How It Works

The cloud-hosted Calantic Platform and Marketplace gives radiologists scalable access to tools and AI applications to support workflow prioritization, detection and quantification- with intuitive functionality, tailored to specific disease area. The applications on Calantic Marketplace can be categorized based on the most important use cases defined by radiologists.

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The product CalanticTM Viewer complies with medical device legislation and has CE marking (CE2797).

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