Introducing Radimetrics® Ascend

A special program for Radimetrics Dose Management customers that leverages cloud technology.

Ever wish you could take advantage of cloud technology with Radimetrics? Now you can! Introducing Radimetrics® OC – a cloud-hosted version of Radimetrics that will be hosted in our Calantic™ Digital Solutions environment.

To create a smooth transition for our existing Radimetrics customers, Radimetrics Ascend is a special contract conversion program that will provide access to both dose tracking and AI applications for radiology, hosted in the Calantic cloud.

Radimetrics Ascend will upgrade your existing software support contract to a new subscription agreement that includes next-generation dose-tracking capabilities as well as preferred access to AI-based image analysis applications.

The Result: A scalable, flexible deployment which can be quickly updated to address functionality and security concerns.

Plus, you’ll gain access to AI applications on the Calantic Marketplace that support worklist prioritization, detection and quantification.

Smooth contract conversion

Smooth Contract

Migration Priority


cloud cybersecurity controls

Cloud Cybersecurity

Managed services

Managed Services

Cloud based management and storage

Cloud-hosted Management
and Storage

AI platform

AI platform

Calantic AI Applications

Calantic AI

Benchmarking Registry

Benchmarking Registry
(Future Roadmap Offering
Not Currently Available)

Convert your current software support contract to a subscriptions program before the end of 2023.

Reimagine dose tracking with Radimetrics OC.

Begin your journey with Calantic Marketplace of orchestrated AI applications.

Offer Ends Dec. 29, 2023

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