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The Power of an AI Platform


“AI is a tool and the radiologist has to be able to use this tool effectively. But the radiologist is still the expert.”
Ankur Sharma, Bayer Radiology


Speaker: Ankur Sharma, Bayer Radiology


An AI marketplace platform facilitates purchase decision and implementation of multiple AI solutions.


An AI marketplace platform may shorten time for purchase decision and implementation, thus streamlining the radiological workflow.

Considering that there are more than a hundred radiological AI solutions looking for customers, it is a huge task to make out which algorithm fits your needs. Moreover, integrating just one AI solution into your reporting workflow can take months and that time grows when you want to integrate multiple AI solutions. Ankur Sharma, Bayer Radiology, presented a facilitator: an AI marketplace platform. “Using the platform potentially shortens the process of integration from months to weeks,” Sharma said.


AI Marketplace Platform Facilitates Decision and Implementation

The AI marketplace platform basically works like an app store. “It is not as simple, there are regulatory processes to consider,” Sharma admitted. “And the key is to be sure to focus on what you need.”


The AI marketplace platform integrates AI solutions in radiological reporting workflow.

Using a common installation platform ensures that each AI implementation is not a standalone project for every application that is added. An `AI orchestrator´ decides what image goes to which algorithm. Multiple AI solutions can be connected to one platform that routes all studies to the appropriate algorithm. Finally, the information is sent back to the PACS workstation. As usual, radiologists read and evaluate images on the PACS workstation – only now supported by AI decisions. Radiologists have the choice whether they accept or reject the AI decision.



AI solutions are becoming part of business. “I am sure in a few years thousands of AI solutions will become available,” Ankur Sharma says. AI marketplace platforms will help orchestrate them.



Title: Driving AI deployment at scale in the Radiology Workflow

Location: RSNA 2022

Date: 28 November 2022