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CINA - LVO application analyses CT angiography of the head (CTA) images, flags and communicates suspected positive findings of Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) of the anterior circulation (distal ICA, MCA-M1 or proximal MCA-M2).1

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  • Large Vessel Occlusion
  • CT
  • Head
  • Contrast
  • Triage

A.I. Powered Large Vessel Occulusion triage application

CINA image processing applications provide a case level notification in case of suspected positive findings. This notification can be used by the 3rd party platform to flag series in the platform's worklist to assist trained radiologists in workflow triage by flagging and communicating suspected positive findings of large vessel occlusion (LVO).1


    Automated Detection & Alert of Suspected Large Vessel Occlusion

    The device is intended to assist hospital networks and trained radiologists in workflow triage by flagging and communicating suspected positive findings of CT angiographies of the head for large vessel occlusion (LVO).1

    Analyse images and highlights cases with suspected Large Vessel Occlusion

    The CINA-LVO triage application's mean "time-to­ notification" is estimated to be 34.7 seconds.1


    1. CINA User Guide AV-DP-CINA-10 013-SUM-USER-BF-V04-EN-OUS

    What customers are saying

    In a busy practice, radiologists are expected to interpret exams quickly and accurately. The Avicenna software solution provides an Al-assisted preliminary review of all exams, helping to prioritize patients with positive findings and optimize our clinical workflow. In addition, the extra "set of eyes" provided by the Al software improves our overall confidence and efficiency."

    Daniel Chow
    Radiologist and Director at UCI Health Center for Al in Diagnostic Medicine

    May not reflect a typical user experience; actual results may vary.
    Dr. Daniel Chow has a financial interest in this app vendor

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